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  Courses Available
  GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui’s courses are designed in a structure that makes complex
  esoteric teachings easy to follow. The course has been designed in three series
  Healing Series, Prosperity Series and Spiritual Series.
Eligibility : Open to All
  A) BASIC PRANIC HEALING – focuses on healing at a physical level
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  • Learn to feel, see, scan “prana” and understand its principles.
  • Learn about our “energy body” and how its dis-ease leads to physical ailments.
  • Learn about “chakras” – how to clean and energise them.
  • Learn “Pranic Breathing” – a powerful technique to increase energy level instantly.
  • Learn to do “Self healing” and “Distant healing”- for others.
  • Learn “Meditation on Twin Hearts” – improve your life and heal Mother Earth.
  • Learn to heal Heart ailments, Urinary ailments, Arthritis, Gastro-intestinal ailments, Hypertension, Back pain, Respiratory ailments – starting from Cold, Cough to Asthma and many more simple and complex ailments.
  B) ADVANCE PRANIC HEALING – enhances healing techniques for  specialized treatment of serious ailments using color therapy.
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
  • Learn techniques for using color prana to produce rapid healings.
  • Instantaneous healing techniques for fresh minor wounds, burns, headaches, stomach aches, diarrohea etc.
  • Heal severe conditions like migraine, arthritis, diabetese, hypertension, asthma, heart blockage, paralysis, stroke for which medical science does not have permanent cure .
  • Learn the secrets of different colors in your life.
  • Learn certain principles of preventive healing techniques.
  • Learn how the miracle of good health is available to all of us
   C) PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY - helps to heal at a psychological and emotional level
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  Eligibility : Advance Pranic Healing
  • Learn to remove energies of stress , depression to overcome overwhelming problems
  • Get rid of negative habits and addiction
  • Learn techniques to protect yourself from other people's negative thoughts and emotions by creating energy shields
  a) PRANIC PSYCHIC SELF DEFENSE - teaches scientific techniques of utilizing pranic energies to  protect ourself, loved ones, belongings, business and homes
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  Eligibility : Pranic Psychotherapy
  • Learn techniques to shield yourself and family from negative thoughts projected by others and psychic contamination.
  • Learn how to protect your business to ensure prosperity.
  b) PRANIC CRYSTAL HEALING - helps to rediscover the wonderful and practical uses of crystals and gems stones in our life 
  Eligibility : Pranic Psychotherapy
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Learn to programme crystals to protect yourself and others from the “evil eye” and enhance healing ability, prosperity, good health and spirituality.
  • Learn how to heal with the use of crystals. eg. fever, arthritis, hypertension and other ailments.

i) PRANIC FACE LIFT - helps to make the face look younger and fresh

  Eligibility : Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Reduce lines, blemishes, wrinkles on your face without surgical procedure.
  • Remove and disintegrate facial stress energy.
  • Get a refreshed, energized and healthy looking face.
  • Get youthfuland healthy looking face with supple and smooth skin.
  ii) PRANIC BODY SCULPTING - helps to loose inches in a proper manner
  Eligibility : Pranic Crystal Healing
  • Lose weight positively with the combined use of Pranic Healing Exercise and Zone Diet.
  • Regain your confidence level by being in good shape.
  A) KRIYASHAKTI - a Sanskrit word which means “using thought power manifest things on the physical plane”.
  Eligibility : Advance Pranic Healing
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  • Learn the formula, principles and laws to create abundance.
  • Learn to disintegrate the negative energies that obstruct your flow of prosperity, happiness and success.
  • Know the secrets of correct giving and charity to generate maximum prosperity in life.
  • Learn to disintegrate the negative energies that obstruct your flow of prosperity, happiness and success.
  • Learn the Meditation on Prosperity to get a “Midas touch” in your life.
  • Know the power of your spoken and written words to accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and wishes.
  • Learn secret hand “mudras” to enhance abundance.
  B) PRANIC FENG SHUI - helps to understand how mastering of environmental energies of different directions and formations affects health, wealth and spirituality
  Eligibility : Advance Pranic Healing
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Learn which part of the home and office allows fresh, prosperous energies to enter.
  • Learn which direction we may face during business negotiations to improve chance of achieving success.
  • Correct placement of the bed to enhance marital relationships.
  • Accelerate your spiritual development by meditating in the right direction.
  • Facing and positioning your child’s study desk to enhance intelligence and concentration.
  • Learn the secrets of prosperity in the kitchen.
  C) SPIRITUAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - a revolutionary approach to financial success and prosperity of business giving a modern and friendly image to management.
  Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  • How to increase success in business by using Science of Life Cycles.
  • Reduce Stress at workplace by instant physical and mental recharge techniques.
  • Learn to develop stronger leadership skills
  These courses includes the following :
  A) ACHIEVEING ONENESS WITH THE HIGHER SOUL – PREP I - helps discover the true nature of our soul and the unique purpose of each incarnation -2 days workshop
  Eligibility : Open To All
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  Get all your unanswered questioned answered
  • Who am I?
  • Where have I come from?
  • Where is the soul located in the body?
  • Where will the soul go when the body dies?
  • Why am I born and what is the purpose of this life?
  • Learn Meditation on the Soul to achieve union with the Higher Soul.
  B) ARHATIC YOGA - PREP II - a synthesis of yogas designed to help safe and rapid spiritual development
  Eligibility : Achieving Oneness + Pranic Psychotherapy
  Duration : 2 days workshop
  • Learn how to balance spiritual progress with material abundance
  • Learn advanced purification techniques to remove crippling habits,unhealthy personality traits.
  • Achieve Self Mastery to have a clear, sharp, practical mind and stable emotions.
  C) HINDUISM REVEALED - helps in deeper understanding and decoding the inner meaning of the teachings and practices of this religion.
  Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Why does Ganesha have an elephant head?
  • Was Hanuman really a monkey?
  • Why are Indian deities shown with blue skin?
  • What is the relevance of the Peacock Feather?
  D) CHRISTIANITY REVEALED - throws light on the teachings of Lord Christ revealed to his disciples, but given as stories or parables to the masses.
  Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
  Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Learn about the hidden mystical esoteric teachings symbols and rituals of Christianitywhich were given as stores/parables
  • Learn the Keys to the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

E) BUDDHISM REVEALED - explains Lord Buddha’s teachings practically, to bring our life into divine order.

Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Learn the inner secrets of Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path as taught by Lord Buddha.
  • Learn the different levels of Truth, the Four major causes of suffering.
Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
Duration : 1 day workshop
  • Learn the universal and kabbalistic version of this prayer
  • Understand the "Tree of Life"
  • Discover the meaning of the prayer coresponding to the diferent chakras
Eligibility : Basic Pranic Healing
Duration : 1 day workshop


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